Bold As Love

My name is Azrul Shane. I dont really know what to say of myself. This feels like im writing an essay about myself when i was in primary 1 for the 100th time. Anyway, i'm a normal guy who likes normal things. I love playing the guitar. It makes me feel good everytime. I love John Mayer. I also like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton and stuff like that. I'm really into Blues music. It has a certain thrill to it which i love so much. Slow yet powerful and consuming. Especially John Mayer music. He's got blues influences in his pop songs for the band and blues rock with the trio. I am a MASSIVE Manchester United fan. I've been supporting them since i was born. My dad's a huge fan so that's really what got me into it. So that's pretty much all i can say about myself and thanks for reading.
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